"The Bug Etch Tool"as tested on the unrevised version of #1017, Z scale Delivery Van chassis.

Find a good setup...

1] The outer fenders-running boards should be bent first. I chose the long edge of this tool.

2] I used my Xuron needle nose pliers to "push" this section down about 80°.




"The Bug"as tested

Bend the opposite fender.



Just using my Xuron pliers I bent down the the inner "fender-riser-apron"

to achieve the desired "hat" shape as seen edge-on.


RESULTS, another view.




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"The Mark II Etch Tool"as tested on the Z scale #1039 Knox Chemical Fire Truck chassis.

Front wheels leaf springs first:

1] These inner features must be folded first so that there is clearance for later folds.

2] I used a safety razor to bend the part up. The detail sides of photo etched parts should always face outwards.


 The first bend, 90°.


 Clamped for the second bend, 90°.


 Front leaf springs completed.


 Main chassis side frame clamped.


 Main chassis side frame bent 90°. (Note that I am using a couple of magnets to prop up the tool for photography, not part of the actual process).


 Main chassis side frame, opposite side bent 90°.


 Rear platform running board, bent 90°. Note that the Xuron pliers are just long enough to prevent this part from bending in the wrong place.


 "The Mark II Etch Tool"as tested on the #1039 Knox Chemical Fire Truck chassis.

Another "z" bend and a perfect job!