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About these shaping tools:

Kalama "Bug" shown with some additional tools used. I decided to give this new tool one of my toughest assignments; to see if it could perform some tiny "Z" bends (not the scale, but the type of shape) found on the 1017 Delivery Van. I deliberately used an old chassis etch that has since been remanufactured.The Z bends of the fenders for this product were particularly tough and I have recently replaced them all (Z scale, #1017 kits). If you follow the bending examples shown you will see just how well this Kalama photo etch bending tool works! I am very satisfied that this product is a worthwhile investment, especially for our smaller vehicle kits which have very little room for manipulation even with fine needle nose pliers.

The Kalama Precision Tools have been copied by other, less careful manufacturers but I prefer the certainty of this tool's quality. For one thing, all the components of Kalama tools are NC machined to close tolerances so that the grip or "bite" of the tool is certain, no slipping, no misshaped or destroyed parts.Reliabilty and perfect shaping trumps wasting one's time and resources.


The above link shows some of the tough "tiny" bends one might encounter when building photo etched parts.

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 KALAMA "BUG" PHOTO ETCH BENDING TOOL - $40.00 - FEATURES: Bed 2.562" x 2.00"; Clamp Finger Sets 2.00"x 2.00"; steel dowel guide pins; spring loaded knob for easy die rotation.